The Relationship Between Herpes And Cold Sores

Diseases are the negative states of the health of a person which are caused by the existence of an abnormality in the function and/or structure of the person’s body system. It usually affects a specific area of the body, and it is characterized by unique bodily conditions which are signs that the body is not in a perfect state of health. The conditions caused by a particular diseased state are generally called symptoms. Diseases are not induced by physical injuries, it is more of a biological malfunction of the body system. Numerous disease conditions have been studied and confirmed to exist, their symptoms, causative agents, plus how they can be cured or managed have also been vigorously researched.

The majority of the ailments that

The majority of the ailments that affect man, animals, and plants have been connected to certain diseases causing organisms that are known as pathogens. Before this grand discovery, men largely believed that diseases were spiritual repercussions for sinners, which was just a hoax, a lie we told ourselves because we didn’t understand the mystery behind falling sickness. Apart from pathogens, other factors could also lead to a disease condition, they include genetic disorders, malnutrition, overnutrition, etc. Herpes is a group of infectious disease conditions that are caused by a pathogen known as Herpes simplex virus or in short HSV.

The Relationship Between Herpes And Cold Sores

This causative agent is divided into two types based on their favored route of infection; HSV-1 and HSV-2. Type 1 is mainly transmitted via the oral route while type 2 exists as a sexually transmitted pathogen. That is, type 1 is mainly responsible for oral herpes with a characteristic symptom called cold sores, while type 2 of the pathogen causes genital herpes. In extreme cases, the two types of herpes virus can cause the ailments known to be inflicted by the other group, that is, HSV-1 can lead to the condition called genital herpes. The two types of viruses although different in their site of infection are similar in their actions and characteristics.

Although these symptoms caused by the infections can be managed, there is no known cure for herpes related diseases. Over 67% of the world’s population of people with ages below 50 are infected with this pathogen. But since it is largely asymptomatic, that is, most carriers of the pathogen do not show any symptoms, plus its mortality rate is relatively low if compared to most other conditions, it hasn’t provoked much concern in the health world. Cold sores are yet again known as fever blisters, they exist as small fluid-containing bumps/blisters that occur around/on the lips’ region of the body. They cluster together to form an irritating patch, which when broken forms a scab that can remain on the skin for days.

Cold sores are usually referred to as oral herpes because they are mainly inflicted by type 1 herpes virus. They exist as a sign that a person is infected with the type 1 herpes virus, although in some rare cases oral herpes was found to be caused by type 2 herpeses. No matter the case, a cold sore is a positive signal for the presence of herpes virus in the body system of a person.