The Best Medication for Cold Sores

The best treatment for cold sores on lips is to use antiviral pills and cream. Cold sores are brought on by the Herpes Simplex Virus as well as bacteria but rarely. You should avoid taking any sour substances as they add more tingling effects on your lips. Good medication contains phenol or menthol that reduces sores from further cracking besides softening of scrubs.

The best antiviral oral medications include

The best antiviral oral medications include Acyclovir, which treats herpes, a simplex virus. Acyclovir helps to reduce recurrence by referring to cold sores in the future. It lowers pain/ itching, heals the cold sores faster, and prevents new bullae from forming. It’s best utilized when having low antibodies as it helps to prevent scabs from spreading to other parts. The second medication is Famciclovir, an antiviral drug that helps to lower the strength relating to cold sores on your lips.

The Best Medication for Cold Sores

Famciclovir medicine is best taken when you experience the first signs on your lips. This medication is taken before/ after meals with equal hour’s intervals. You should consistently take and finish the whole dosage as prescribed by your doctor. The third oral medicine is Valacyclovir prescribed when you have persistent cold sores. It helps to stop continuous growth concerning cold sores in your body. Drink plenty of water to avoid any side effects based on this drug. This drug is costly compared to others but it’s easily digested into your body system.

Valacyclovir is more reliable as it gives better timely results within a short period. The fourth medication is Abreva ointment applied to cold sores on your lips. It blocks cold sores from spreading further and assists in minimizing cold sore symptoms. You should only apply the balm on the lip part with cold sores. Avoid touching your eyes with Abreva cream and make sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap after the application. Always visit the nearest hospital if symptoms worsen for further diagnosis and treatment.