Symptoms and stages of a cold sore

A cold sore is a sore in patches that forms around the face or near the mouth caused by a virus known as herpes simplex. This has five stages, to treat it at home you can put ice cubes over it, or Aloe Vera. It affects the breathing systems, there is difficulty in breathing for those affected, eyes get irritation and become red. If sore occurs due to existence of other conditions, do not treat it by yourself at home, go see your doctor.

Fever will be one symptom that

Fever will be one symptom that you will notice when the virus creeps in, lymph nodes will be swollen too. Have a doctor to examine a sore virus even though this is not severe. Symptoms start with an itch, just like all other infections, medication and treatment should start immediately when you notice occurrence of the sore. When the sore becomes big, it becomes a blister full of liquid, it’s usually soft and painful in its fresh state, but after drying up, pain eases. The sore is full of the liquid, it bursts open, during this stage of bursting open, fluids come out, and it is painful.

Symptoms and stages of a cold sore

After bursting, the sore then dries out, its left a scar that itches with scabs. The scab is the skin formed after the fluid in the scar bursts, scab skin will then fall off revealing a new skin, that means that the sore is gone. This cold sore may occur due to different factors such as; fever, menstruation for the ladies, stress.

They are contagious and may be sores through kissing, having close contact with an infected person, sharing personal items to increase the risk of contacting the virus. Virus cannot be cured but can be managed, meaning that if cold sore occurs once, there is a high chance of occurring again if immune system is weak.