Prevention of cold sores and its remedies

Cold sores are small, painful blisters that appears mostly around the lip region. It spreads any surface that comes in to contact with its fluid from the sore. They can be in a cluster or a single one of them also said to be highly contagious. The sore contain herpes simplex virus that transmits through skin contact like kissing and oral sex. It takes from few days to a week to heal naturally but remedies to help with pains and facilitate its healing are now available.

Non-antiviral treatments are drugs that are

Non-antiviral treatments are drugs that are used to kill certain virus-based infections. They are applied on the wound to reduce itchiness, irritation and prevents it from drying. Use of sunscreen and lemon balm can be used to prevent the wound from drying up, prevents future outbreaks as well as redness if applied on daily basis. It is highly recommended that you apply during sunny days.

Prevention of cold sores and its remedies

Prescription drugs can be offered if you get to see a doctor at the beginning of the infection. Infection’s intensity determines which drug is given to curb with it effectively. Herbs such as aloe Vera are said to have anti-viral abilities that can eliminate virus presence in the fluid inside the sore.

You should avoid touching the wound from time to time to prevent spreading the virus to other parts of your body or to someone else. Apart from that, do not share utensils like spoons and glasses with others. This will ensure that the virus is contained. Oral sex and kissing are to be avoided to prevent the spread of the virus to the genitals with facial skin respectively. As tempting as this could be, try not to peel the wound since it will not help in healing. Consumption of oranges, vinegar including spicy meals should also be refrained from to avoid itching of the wound.