Mustache and Cold Sores

A mustache is beard growth that develops mainly on men, above the upper lip. The chance of having a mustache relies upon your genetic construction. A few ladies may likewise make them develop because of their genetic composition. It isn’t extraordinary to see women with a mustache or a beard shaving them off occasionally. They do this since such beard growth is viewed as masculine and wouldn’t have any desire to be mistaken for the contrary gender.

Cold sores are a viral infection

Cold sores are a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, which, once infected with, stays inside you for life. The virus is spread through kissing, sharing utensils, and sharing bathroom essentials. Generally, anything that involves skin-to-skin contact is a possible spreader. It may be recurring every so often, depending on how much they’re exposed to certain triggers. They can be triggered to reappear when exposed to the hot sun, cold winds, change in hormone levels, weak immune system, or even stress. Certain triggers can be worked on, like building your immune system to an optimum level, while some you’ll have to control when they reappear again.

Mustache and Cold Sores

This disease manifests itself in the form of blisters that cluster together around the lip area. When anyone has a cold sore, it’s easy to spot it since they’re right on their faces. Symptoms include itching, blisters, oozing, and crusting. In severe cases, you can experience fever, painful gum, sore throat, headache. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist in such cases to diagnose the best medication for you.

A mustache is not the direct cause of cold sores, rather it’s an area that can be affected when the disease manifests itself outwards. Certain people may use mustaches to hide their infections, making it our responsibility to be cautious when interacting with people with such symptoms. Viral infections have no cure, it is upon us to keep ourselves protected. If we contract it, measures can be taken to control its flare up.