How Toothpaste Helps Cold Sores

Cold sores are infections someone would not like to see around his or her lips. When infected with these sores, the next thing that comes to mind is how to get rid of them. A cold sore does not disappear in a very short period of time, it could take up to three weeks before being finally cured. There are, however, many ways to get rid of a cold sore faster and one home remedy people sometimes suggest is the application of a toothpaste for a fast cure.

What are cold sores? They are

What are cold sores? They are little bubbles filled with liquid that form on or around the lips. After they burst, they result in wounds that may take many days to heal. Cold sores are common infections caused by a virus known as herpes simplex, otherwise known as HSV. HSV can be easily transmitted and can be contracted directly from one person to another. Herpes currently has no cure.

How Toothpaste Helps Cold Sores

When considering a home remedy to use in getting rid of cold sores, using toothpaste often comes to mind or may be suggested. Scientifically, toothpaste doesn’t really tackle HSV. It might even have a negative effect on the skin due to its different varieties of ingredients. But when applied to a cold sore, toothpaste helps in drying it out faster. Personal experiences, also known as anecdotal evidence, reveal that toothpaste helps in getting rid of cold sores faster. By not bursting a cold sore blister, the chances of it getting dry when toothpaste is applied is slightly higher. With this process, getting rid of a cold sore may take less than two weeks instead of three.

Finally, HSV-1 which triggers cold sores might reside in a person for a very long time. When an outbreak incipiently manifests around or on the lips as blisters, it is better not to burst it, while the application of a toothpaste can also enhance its quick cure.