Cold Sores- Hard to Eradicate but Preventable

It can be challenging to develop a reliable cure for cold sores. The main reason is that the herpes simplex virus can infect a person and remain quiet in a person’s nerves for a prolonged period. This virus only resurfaces when there is a trigger that makes it active again. When drugs that can destroy the virus are introduced, most are destroyed, but some escape into hiding.

The amount of virus that retreats

The amount of virus that retreats into hiding is small, and they can cause disease whenever conditions are favorable. Research has not yet revealed how some cold sore viruses use to avoid destruction by medicines and go into hiding. Many treatments for cold sores that are in the market only shorten the length of illness. The best approach is to prevent the spread by avoiding the popping of blisters and keeping off direct contact with infected lesions on the skin.

Cold Sores- Hard to Eradicate but Preventable

Sharing of personal effects like towels, combs, or shavers with infected patients can also be avoided. When there is an exacerbation of pain, analgesics can be efficient pain relievers. Current pharmacological agents mainly target to relieve tormenting symptoms of this infection. There are efforts to find better treatment approaches for managing cold sores.

Herpes simplex virus is a microorganism that is difficult to eradicate once infected. It remains dormant in the infected individual until such a time that conditions that favor its reactivation are present. One thing that makes it hard to find the herpes simplex virus’s cure is its ability to hide in the nerves. Most of the medicines being used to treat cold sores only help alleviate suffering and shorten the illness period. Some measures used to contain its spread include improving personal hygiene, avoiding direct contact with lesions, and using antiviral medicines.