Cold sores and ways of getting rid of them

Cold sore are painful and irritating sores that appears mostly around the mouth while in some cases may result in other parts of the body. These sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus 1. The virus can live in your body system without causing symptoms once you come into contact with it which in some times you are not sure when you contacted, however the virus can be activated through stress, illness or physical trauma and result into cold sore.

This boils usually have symptoms leading

This boils usually have symptoms leading to their arrival, which in most cases is the itchy feeling around the mouth. Despite the pain caused these sores they do not last for long and even heal after a period of two weeks. They are also ugly therefore those who affected may seem embarrassed by it after which they may want to break the sore. This is not advisable since once it is broken, the pulse may affect other parts of the body resulting to more boils.

Cold sores and ways of getting rid of them

The virus does not have a cure but can be prevented by avoiding kissing since it is a major cause of these boils, avoid oral sex and also cutting off from sharing towels together with sharing of utensils. There are various methods that can help in speeding up healing process. One of the methods of speeding up healing is by smearing toothpaste to the affected area or the irritating part before the sore appears.

Toothpaste contains a chemical that may suppress virus though not much research have been done on this claim even some doctors oppose the concept claiming it leads to the sores. You can apply toothpaste before you go to sleep afterwards you can wipe it out with a warm towel as a form of treatment. Doctors recommend use of baking soda with lemon juice which is mixed up to form paste.