Cold Sores and Valtrex Impact Duration

Cold-sores are a viral infection that affects people of all ages across the board. It is a viral infection, which means there is no direct cure. Once exposed to it once in your life, the virus will remain inside you till the day you die. This virus can often be seen around the mouth area, causing a sore which causes discomfort to the infected. As long as the disease heals on its own, there are different ways in which we can use it to manage it. Cold sores can manifest themselves in the form of a small rash, or turn into a large wound if not dealt with urgently.

It can either affect you once

It can either affect you once in your lifetime like chickenpox, or it can recur depending on the individual’s immune system. If it is a recurring disease, then several factors should be considered to cause it to flare up again. Triggers include hormonal changes like during pregnancy or menstruation, exposure to the sun, cold, flu, fever, stress, fatigue, trauma such as shaving, cuts, dental work, facial or cosmetic procedures.

Cold Sores and Valtrex Impact Duration

There are different ways through which this disease can be managed. You are encouraged to go see a dermatologist, who will then guide you to which procedure to use for the best results. Over the counter creams or ointments can be used to control its spread by slowing down the production of the virus. One drug used to manage this condition is Valtrex.

Examinations showed individuals who took Valtrex had more limited mouth blister scenes by roughly one day, less contrasted with people who didn’t take Valtrex by any means. People in the examination who took Valtrex saw their mouth blister manifestations blurring inside two hours. Avoid foods with acids since they can easily irritate the skin and add to the pain. Placing a cold piece of cloth for 5 to 10 minutes in the affected area could help in reducing the pain and irritation.