Cold sore is quite different from sun blister

Cold sore and Sun blisters are not synonymous apart from the fact that both occur on the skin of a patient. Luckily, none of them is hereditary or even autoimmune disease but can be caused by external factors and both can also be remediated.

The causative organism that cause the

The causative organism that cause the cold sore is simplex herpes virus-1. People usually get infected when they have sex with an infected person. Once a person contacts simplex herpes virus, he becomes a carrier forever for HSV as is commonly called integrates itself with the host’s DNA. Cold sore occurs once in a while especially when the host has a weak immune system. A blister occurs at your mouth. It is usually filled with liquid which would be released into environment as the wound heals.

Cold sore is quite different from sun blister

Another thing about cold sore is that during the next active phase, the blister occurs at the same place. The fluid if touch or contacted by another person, will catch it. During an active phase of the infection, the patient would experience fever, headache, cold, etc. Cold sore goes back or heals by itself. Unlike a cold sore, sun blisters happen because of sunburns that happen to people who are exposed to the sun. In this case, the sun is harsh on the person causing some sort of boil on skin.

The sensitivity of skin is determinant in causation of sun burns. It has nothing to do with infection but if not taken care of, it may because prone to infection. Therefore, it’s good to avoid opening wound and open, should be disinfected at regular basis. To avoid sun blister, you should apply sun lotion or sunscreen plus wearing protective clothes to cover up exposed parts. Whenever you experience sunburn, you should try to stay under a canopy plus to pour cold compresses to them.