A Persistent Cold Sore

Health is a vital component for any living thing that intends to live long in this world. Many creatures are faced with different types of life complications such as diseases cutting their life short. Some living organisms are humans who have had severe complications till to date, causing death to the infected. Additionally, some diseases are curative however they can leave very harmful effects on the infected person predisposing him or her to death.

Cold sore as a disease has

Cold sore as a disease has caused various effects to the infected person due to its characteristics. By definition, cold sores or painful blisters are caused by a common virus known as Simplex Herpes Virus. Statistics from sources have shown that approximately nine out of every ten people have shown signs of the causative virus. A feeling of itch and a swollen blister with fluid inside are some of the symptoms. To add on, first-time infections may result in severe headaches, sore throats and an upset stomach. Researchers have named some predisposing factors such as food, fever, allergies and stress.

A Persistent Cold Sore

Sources recorded mainly by medical practitioners state there are two types of cold sores, depending on the virus causing it. Oral cold sores are the most common types of cold sores compared to genital herpes. Commonly, oral cold sores are more common due to factors that enhance their transmission, such as oral copulation. Oral herpes are said to be the most common cold sore among people infected with the cold sore. This is based on several factors which have been put into special consideration.

Medical practitioners are therefore called upon to work together to combat the disease. Other methods such as creating awareness on proper medication may be used in the control measures. Generally, there is a need for different personnel and try to save lives by providing proper solutions to the sore which has become an uphill task.